Sinfonia Toronto's In-School Program

‘Concerts under Construction’ are live chamber orchestra rehearsals, animated by

~ continuous, live “play by play” narration by a professional music educator 

~ occasional comments by the conductor

~ Q&A throughout, any time a student has a question

Next project

March 1 2023 10 am - 1 pm ~ Brebeuf College



MOZART Piano Concerto No. 21 in C major, K. 467


SHOSTAKOVICH Chamber Symphony in D major Op 83a


‘Concerts under Construction’ are different from traditional student concerts

~ the atmosphere is informal, with a constantly changing dynamic rather than long, unbroken spans of performance

~ it is highly engaging for students to hear how separate strands of music come together

~ dialogue with the Sinfonia Toronto educator can take place at any time throughout

~ interaction among our musicians and instructions from the conductor to build different tone

~ colours and emotions are a vivid example of teamwork

Schedule – three to four hours per afternoon, depending on date 

format and logistics

Two sessions can fit within one visit, up to 1 hour each with a break for one group to exit and the second to enter, or groups may come and go quietly according to the school schedule.

Our educator will adjust the narration and interaction for different grade levels.

The number of students in each session may vary depending on the space available; to allow for narration and Q&A as the orchestra is playing, there must be some space between the orchestra and students, determined by the size of the school’s room.

Sinfonia Toronto encourages schools to make sure their students have access to live music and the opportunity to learn and use music in their schools. It is offer to public schools free of charge.


To schedule a Concerts Under Construction in a school please send an email to:

Margaret Chasins, Director of Operations