Sinfonia Toronto; Nurhan Arman, conductor; Shauna Rolston, cello

*** Juno Award Winner *** This recording features the music of renowned Canadian composer John Burge. Sinfonia Toronto brings to life Burge's reflections and musical interpretations of Canadian culture and heritage and the sheer beauty of Canada's landscape.

Upper Canada Fiddle Suite is a nostalgic musical journey around the waterways near the Great Lakes. One Sail is a musical reflection on the Canadian landscape and features the artistry of Canadian cellist Shauna Rolston. Flanders Field Reflections musically interprets five phrases taken from John McCrae's famous World War I poem, expressing the extreme emotional gamut of loss, despair, sacrifice, obligation and hope.


Sinfonia Toronto; Nurhan Arman, Conductor

Mendelssohn: Symphony for Strings no 7 in D minor

Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony in A flat major, Op. 118a

Khachaturian: Masquerade Suite


Sinfonia Toronto; Conrad Chow, Violinist; Ronald Royer, Conductor

Music by Kevin Lau, Bruce Broughton, Ronald Royer

If your musical tastes enjoy revisiting compositional styles of the previous centuries while using contemporary expressions and techniques, this recording is a wonderful opportunity to hear Toronto composers in collaboration with Toronto musicians.


Sinfonia Toronto; Louise Di Tullio, Flutist; Ronald Royer, Conductor

The CD includes music from Hook, composed by John Williams; Dances with Wolves, John Barry; Charlotte's Web, Danny Elfman; Sleeping with the Enemy and Rudy by Jerry Goldsmith.

Also on the CD, Le Papillon, by David Rose, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn composed by Laurence Rosenthal and Short Stories by Ronald Royer including, Siren's Song for alto flute, Rather Blue for bass flute, The Chase for Flute and Child's Play for Piccolo.